Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wowee what-a-week.

Its gotta be flu season when your ready for a nanna at 10am. My classes all week have been suffering the wrath of my lethargy by writing notes and gluing endless worksheets into their books....and to top off my guilty conscience, I think my photocopying effort this week has single-handedly wiped out the amazon.

But all is not lost.

It was one of those special moments on Thursday that I can truly credit myself on making the world a nicer place, one loner at a time. Two colleagues and I opened the long awaited 'Rafiki' (swahili for friend) room, a safehouse for those souls at school who haven't quite found their way yet. Boy would I have appreciated such a place when I was at school. The students can play games, do some art and crafts, and generally just be away from the nasty stuff that they are sadly now accustomed to.
Warms the cockles of ones heart it does.

The kids enjoying their opening party

The offical cutting of the ribbon by the College Principal

Sonia, Deb and I. These women are the kindest, most giving ladies I have ever met.

The room that took near two months to create!

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